7 Things to do if you are Injured in a Traffic Accident

Getting into a traffic accident is something that can happen to anyone, and no matter how cautious you are while on the road, it can always be the fault of someone else. This means that you shouldn’t feel ashamed or bad if you ever get involved in something like this, even if you were the one who made the mistake, if it wasn’t intentional, of course.

Unfortunately, most traffic accidents that we hear about on the news almost always include at least one person being injured, even if it’s not majorly. This means that the statistics are pretty high, and the chances for an injury are not low enough as we would like them to be.

However, there isn’t any reason to panic, because if you are being careful enough when on the road, you can even react in a situation that’s not caused by your mistake. If you do end up getting hurt somehow, worry not, because we have just the right tips for you.

In today’s article we’re talking about the most important things that you should do after an accident, so if you’ve recently experienced something like this, feel free to keep on reading until the end.

  1. Ask for help

The most obvious thing that you can do in any situation when you have a problem that you cannot deal with, is to ask for help. No matter how serious the injury is, you should always find a way to get some help, especially if you are not very sure what needs to be done in such a scenario. If you happen to be the person with the least serious injuries in the vehicle, sometimes it’s good to offer help to the others, but only if you are not in a critical state.

  1. Contact the authorities

After you make sure that you can function properly, and that everybody else is fine, it’s time to contact the police and proceed with the further legal procedures. If someone is badly hurt and their state is slowly worsening, you should prioritize calling the ambulance first.

While waiting for the police to arrive, there are a few things that you need to do, such as securing the scene by adding the fluorescent signs, and letting others know that this was a site of accident not too long ago. Doing this will let the other drivers know that they need to slow down or take another road if the one you’re at is currently blocked by the damaged vehicles.

  1. Call your lawyer

We all know that without a proper lawyer, even the slightest car accident can leave you bankrupt, and you definitely don’t want to experience something like that in times where the economy is not the strongest aspect of life. If you are from Los Angeles, and you currently don’t have an attorney who can help you with your current situation, feel free to check out McNicholas & McNicholas.

  1. Stop yourself from fleeing

In many situations like this one, especially if you are a newer driver, it can be very tempting to flee the scene, due to the pressure and fear that builds up in your mind as you’re slowly realizing what happened. However, we would like to let you know that this is never the right option, and although it seems like the only “escape” at the moment, it’s just going to get you into more trouble rather than keeping you out of it.

Don’t flee the scene until the police arrive and you carefully explain what happened, even if it was your fault, you’ll deal with everything a lot easier if you don’t flee. Even your lawyer will tell you this.

  1. Use your smartphone

If we really start getting into “conspiracies” and what sorts of “shady things” happen behind the curtains, it can be pretty easy to come to the conclusion that sometimes the evidence can be fabricated. However, nothing can stop you from coming out with the truth, and all that separates you from these are just a couple of pictures from your smartphone.

Upon making sure that everybody is okay, make sure that you take a couple of pictures from the scene, without changing anything yourself. Remember that touching anything can get you in trouble, so do not modify the scene in any way, just take a couple of pictures and store them for evidence.

  1. Apply first aid

If you notice that either you or some of your passengers, even the other participant is mildly injured, you can use your first aid and the knowledge that you have from your driver’s license tests to help them out. Nothing is really more important than the well-being of every member who was a victim of the unfortunate event, so make sure that nobody is in a critical condition before doing anything else.

Minor injuries are very easy to treat if you know what you’re doing, so put that first-aid kit to good use and you might even be rewarded for it later if the accident was your fault.

  1. Communicate with the other party

It’s very easy to start arguing with people, but it’s a lot more difficult to establish a normal conversation that can benefit both of you. You should always go for the second option unless you notice that the other participant is getting violent or aggressive. Thankfully, most of the times both people are equally aware of what happened just a few moments ago, so hopefully they’ll be more than willing to cooperate and solve the problem without any further complications.

In most cases, you will be able to come up with a mutual solution, so we hope that you’ll be able to get through this faster and without having to press any charges.


Accidents on the road happen a lot more frequently than we would like to, but most of the time they are quite easy to deal with. If you’ve never had anything like this happen to you, feel free to use all of the tips that we wrote above. We hope that you’ll always be safe on the road, so good luck and drive carefully.